May 13, 2021


Welcome to Costa Rica! Entry Requirements COVID-19

Who can visit Costa Rica?  What do I need to travel to Costa Rica for 2021 during Covid-19?  What are the current Costa Rica entry requirements and regulations for travel?  Here, you'll find all of the Costa Rica travel requirements you'll need for your trip and answers to the most frequently asked questions about visiting as the world deals with Covid-19.

Before You Plan Your Trip

Who Can Travel to Costa Rica?

The first thing you need to know is "can I travel to Costa Rica?" As you may know, some countries of origin (where your passport is from) require a visa to enter the country so you should check the specific entry requirements for YOUR home country here: 

What other requirements do I need to know?

Now that you know if you'll need a visa or not, you should know that Costa Rica has additional requirements for ALL visitors, regardless of their need for a visa:

1. Your passport must be valid for AT LEAST 6 months from the date of arrival to Costa Rica and

2. You must have proof of exit within 90 days of arrival.  The longest permitted stay for visitors without special permission is 90 days.  A return flight ticket is an acceptable proof of exit.

Note: Costa Rica is currently open to travelers from ALL nations, worldwide, by sea or by air (no land crossings are permitted at the time of this article) without any additional tourist visa requirements through April 30, 2021.  

¡Don't forget to check for additional requirements to return to your home country!

It is very important to know that, in addition to the Costa Rica requirements to visit, some countries have specific requirements for when you are ready to return home, because of Covid-19.  These requirements may affect your trip planning so be sure to check your home country requirements before you go through the planning process!

For example, you may need to schedule Covid Testing in Costa Rica within a certain number of days prior to travel (as is required by the United States).

Once You Have Travel Dates

What is required to visit Costa Rica during Covid-19?

After you have your trip dates decided, you need to meet 2 more requirements to travel to Costa Rica (in addition to any normally required tourist visas and standards).  These include Travel Insurance & Health Pass.  Next up, you'll find details about both!

Travel Insurance

Currently, travel insurance is required for ALL travelers, even if they have received Covid-19 vaccinations, and it must meet the following requirements:

1.  It must be valid coverage for the entirety of the stay from arrival day through departure day and

2.  Must have minimum medical coverage including Covid-19 of $50,000 USD and

3. Must include $2,000 USD of accommodations expense coverage in the case of a need to quarantine due to Covid-19 and

4. Each traveler MUST provide a letter or certificate of insurance in English or in Spanish stating the following information:  full name of traveler, valid dates of the policy (covering the entire visit), guarantee of coverage for both medical and accommodations expenses in the amounts stated above, and SPECIFICALLY to include Covid-19 in the coverage.  

Note: insurance cards are not considered an acceptable form of proof.  It must be a letter or certificate and must include ALL of the items listed.

It seems like a lot of requirements, but if you use a company prepared for these requirements, it will make your life a lot easier, so we suggest either:

a Costa Rican insurance agency:

OR you can use US agency, Trawick International:

Within 48 Hours of Travel

Health Pass

Finally, each traveler is require to fill out a health pass online (even minors) within 48 hours of traveling to Costa Rica.  Airlines are required to make sure you have completed your health pass before you fly, so be sure that you complete it within 48 hours of travel at the following link:

¡Safe Travels!  

Now it's time to enjoy your trip to paradise.


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