May 13, 2021


Welcome to Costa Rica! Entry Requirements COVID-19

Who can visit Costa Rica?  What do I need to travel to Costa Rica for 2022 during Covid-19?  What are the current Costa Rica entry requirements and regulations for travel?  Here, you'll find the Costa Rica travel requirements you'll need for your trip and answers to frequently asked questions about visiting during Covid-19.

Before You Plan Your Trip

Who Can Travel to Costa Rica?

The first thing you need to know is "Can I travel to Costa Rica?"  As you may be aware, some countries of origin (where your passport is from) require a visa to enter the country.  You should check the specific entry requirements for YOUR home country here: 

What other requirements do I need to know?

Now that you know if you'll need a visa or not, you should know that Costa Rica has additional requirements for ALL visitors, regardless of their need for a visa:

1. Your passport must be valid for AT LEAST 6 months from the date of arrival to Costa Rica and

2. You must have proof of exit within 90 days of arrival when you arrive in Costa Rica.  The longest permitted stay for visitors without special permission is 90 days.  A return flight ticket is an acceptable proof of exit.

Note: Costa Rica is currently open to travelers from ALL nations, worldwide without any additional tourist visa requirements through April 30, 2021.  

¡Don't forget to check for additional requirements to return to your home country!

It is very important to know that, in addition to the Costa Rica requirements to visit, some countries have Covid-specific requirements for returning home.  These requirements may affect your trip planning.  Be sure to check your home country requirements before you go through the planning process!

As of this post, visitors traveling to the United States are no longer required to have a Covid-19 Test in Costa Rica prior to travel.

Once You Have Travel Dates

What is required to visit Costa Rica during Covid-19?

As of April 2022 update, vaccination and insurance are no longer required to enter Costa Rica.

Covid-19 Vaccination

We think it's a good idea to get vaccinated, anyways!  There are high contagion rates for new strains of the virus.  Costa Rica still has a mandatory isolation for people who contract Covid-19 and test positive.  Those in direct contact with people who test positive are also required to quarantine.

Travel Insurance

As of April 2022, travel insurance is no longer required for travelers arriving in Costa Rica. 

We do still suggest that you consider travel insurance for your visit to Costa Rica that covers trip interruption (covering any of your prepaid trip costs) and Covid-quarantine costs (be sure that it covers ALL costs of your extended mandatory stay in the case that you are required to quarantine)!

Please note, we do not recommend insurance companies that offer Covid-19 plans.  You should always review the plan you choose to make sure it covers your unique needs.

Within 48 Hours of Travel

Health Pass

As mentioned earlier, the Health Pass is no longer required to enter Costa Rica!  One less thing to worry about!

The Latest Costa Rica Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for Costa Rica

Covid-19 has affected each person (and country) differently.  For this reason, the requirements are constantly changing to meet the needs of the people and governments around the world.  While we will try our best to keep this post up-to-date, the latest requirements for tourists can be found on the Costa Rica Entry Requirements page for visitors.

¡Safe Travels!  

Now, it's time to enjoy your trip to paradise.


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