Surf Coaching Session

Surf Coaching Session

From: $120.00

One on one surf coaching session with your fully qualified professional bilingual coach!

Surf Coaching is intended for intermediate to advanced surfers that can already consistently catch waves on their own.  If you are still working on learning to read waves and are not consistently catching the on your own but have surfed before, please sign up for a surf lesson with an in-water instructor to help improve your independence in the water before booking a coaching session.

Surf coaching includes a portion for observation and recording, a segment for analysis, review and teaching, and a space for practicing the new skills/habits to create muscle memory and utilize the information you’ve learned.

For best results, we recommend multiple coaching sessions.  This allows us to observe how you arrived, analyze and give feedback on habits, errors, or movements, and teach techniques for improvement as well as give you opportunities to make corrections over multiple surf sessions.  Multi-session surf coaching is the best way to witness progression and create better habits in the water for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Pre-requisites for surf coaching:

  • Be able to paddle out alone.
  • Be able to catch waves unassisted.
  • Feel comfortable in the water without hands-on assistance.
  • Feel comfortable in the water when there are other surfers present.
  • Know surf etiquette.

Surf Coaching Session Includes:

  • Professional surf coach
  • Video Analysis
  • Video contents


  • Your Own Board!

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