February 18-24, 2023

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  1. Choose your room type
  2. Choose total # of travelers in your room (travel with more people to reduce the price per person)!
  3. Choose your package (each person chooses his or her own)!
Room Type

Poolside Lagoon, Sunset Beachfront

Total Travelers in Room

1- Single, 2-Double, 3-Triple, 4-Quad

Package Type

Along for the Ride (Relax), Surf (1/day), Surf & Yoga, Yoga Lite (1/day), Yoga (2/day), Golf, Surf Yoga & Golf

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About Surf Yoga Golf & Relax Retreat Packages

We make it easy for you to travel with people you care about, without forcing you all to do the same things!  Just agree on the room type then you can each choose your own activities!  Everyone gets what they want with pricing that fits their interests!

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