December 17, 2021


Playa Samara: the Best Place to Learn to Surf in Costa Rica

10 reasons why Playa Samara is the best place to learn to surf!

1. Playa Samara has a Sand Floor

Playa Samara is the best place to learn to surf because it is what is known as a "beach break" which means that the waves approaching from deeper water break because they approach a shallow sandy bottom (as opposed to on a sharp reef or at a special geographical "point"). The key to this is that the beach is a sandy bottom (not rocks, shells, or reefs that can be more dangerous, especially for beginners). 

When learning to surf, it is safest for beginners to learn at a beach with a sand bottom like in Playa Samara; the fewer obstacles and hazards, the better! Don't take our word for it, just ask SurferToday: They report that beach breaks are great for beginners and they deliver the most consistent waves even with less swell!

2. Playa Samara has a Flat Bottom

Thanks to many factors, Playa Samara has an amazing subsurface bottom during high tide which is a very low-sloped grade down toward the ocean. This makes our beginner surfing waves last longer to give you time to stand up while you're practicing your new surfing skills! 

It also can mean a longer ride on your wave because the wave won't hit any empty/deep pockets and lose speed! During low tide, you can see that the ocean floor slopes slowly out for a few hundred meters, making Playa Samara ideal for learning to surf during the correct tide!

3. Playa Samara is a Protected Bay

Kids are Stoked to Learn to Surf in Costa Rica

Playa Samara is perfect for people learning to surf because it is a bay. Bays are geographically set back from the open ocean and protect the shore from many strong currents that affect beaches that are not protected. Protection from storms and strong ocean currents make Playa Samara great to learn to surf year-round because it is not as affected as other beaches when there are storms because of its shape.

4. Playa Samara has Low Risk for Rip Current

In addition to being a bay set back from the ocean currents, Samara is also home to a wonderful barrier reef that protects it from overpowering waves and the rip currents that can come with them! This is very important when you are learning to surf because rip currents are not only scary but also very dangerous. 

Safety is a very important concern when you are learning to surf and reducing possible hazards like oversized waves and rip currents is one of the most important and special reasons to learn to surf in Playa Samara!

5. Playa Samara has Fewer Critters

We love our ocean critters, but we also know that they can concern our clients of all ages who are learning to surf in Costa Rica. Luckily, because of the barrier reef in Playa Samara, the critters are happy to spend their time near and beyond the reef (instead of nearshore, where we'll be surfing). 

They have plenty of food near the reef which is a mecca for ocean life, so you can choose to go see them, but they're unlikely to come to see you while you're learning to surf (and we're ok with that)!

6. There ARE waves in Playa Samara to learn to surf!

Someone started a nasty rumor to the contrary, but we don't blame them for wanting to keep our beach gem a secret! 

When you have the best beach to learn to surf on the Pacific coast in Costa Rica, you don't want to share, especially when you've seen some of the other beaches where people learn to surf in Costa Rica, which leads us to the next reason Playa Samara is the best:

7. Playa Samara is less crowded (for now)

Costa Rica Surf Trip

While it continues to grow, Playa Samara has remained less affected by foreign influence and maintains reasonable levels of tourism that still allow us to have plenty of room in the ocean for our lessons, coaching, and free surfing! 

Fewer crowds in Playa Samara mean higher safety to avoid collision while you learn to control your board in your surf lessons. It also is amazing for intermediate and advanced free-surfers looking to practice some ramps without paddle battling 40 people in very crowded lineups!

8. Playa Samara Produces National Champions

Every surfer was once a beginner. And many of the surfers that have represented Costa Rica both on the national circuit and internationally learned to surf in Playa Samara. 

Playa Samara has produced longboard and shortboard champions and we are positive that a major reason is the amazing natural conditions that the beach offers to people learning to surf here!

9. Playa Samara offers great all-around vacations!

There is SO much to do in Playa Samara while you aren't learning to surf! Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), zipline, kayak, dolphin tours, hiking, ATV/Quads, and so much more are available before or after your surf lessons! Learn more about the activities available in Playa Samara!

10. Playa Samara is the Home of Costa Rica Surf Trip!

Playa Samara is the best place to learn to surf in Costa Rica and is the home base of Costa Rica Surf Trip! We have traveled and surfed all over the country, and offer amazing surf lessons at beaches throughout Costa Rica, so we are SURE of it! 

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