March 20, 2022


Witch’s Rock Costa Rica

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What is Witch's Rock Costa Rica?

Witch's Rock Costa Rica is a name that has become associated with the words "epic," "breathtaking," "legendary," and many more!

  • It's one of the most famous breaks in Costa Rica (and for good reason)!
  • There are left, right, and A-frame waves at Witch's Rock.
  • It is one of the most consistent waves in Costa Rica.
  • Regular and goofy footers both have plenty of options!
  • It's not super easy to get to (yet) so there are usually less crowds here than at other breaks.

Why is it called Witch's Rock?

There are many different answers to this question!  Here are a few of them:

  • People believed a witch lived on the rock
  • Sailors and fisherman used to hear a loud whistle when passing the area and they believed it to be a witch.  The strong off-shore winds at certain angles can cause a whistling sound when rushing through the crevices of the rock.
  • The currents and wind are strong and often move surfers in the lineup. This makes it appear that the rock is moving, when in fact, it is the surfer.

Where is world-famous Witch's Rock?

Witch's Rock is located in Parque Nacional Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa National Park) on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in Guanacaste.  The beach is called Playa Naranjo, and the rock that gives the spot its name is just a few hundred meters off shore.

Who should surf at Witch's Rock?

This is not a wave for beginners.  Full stop.  The wave is strong, heavy, and fast.  The access is difficult and the current and winds are strong.

Many surfers await swells at their home breaks in order for waves big enough to surf.  This is not as common in Costa Rica.  Surfers are often overwhelmed by the size and speed of Witch's Rock with swell.  Even intermediate surfers struggle surfing Witch's Rock when it's on the bigger side, so we highly suggest surfing it on the smaller side for your first visit.  The exception is if you are advanced and consistently surf fast and heavy overhead (plus) waves.

How do I get to Witch's Rock?

There are two ways to get to Witch's Rock.  Both options require paying the fee to enter the national park:

1) by 4x4 vehicle

Take a 4x4 vehicle (road reparation has shut down access on many occasions, so check before you go to make sure you can both get in and out before you take the land route).  The tide can also affect access/exit.

2) by boat

The no brainer way to access the waves at Witch's Rock Costa Rica is by boat with Costa Rica Surf Trip!  No need to check the roads because the ocean is always open.  Round Trip day trips by boat are available from Playa del Coco & Tamarindo (if you don't see your location, contact for pricing and info for your needs).  Trips to Witch's Rock by boat include ground transport to the boat (as needed), full day boat trip, snacks, drinks, experienced local boat captain, and an amazing day of waves!  See Witch's Rock Costa Rica boat trips for more information and booking for your group.

When is the best time to surf Witch's Rock?

Best time of year to surf Witch's Rock:

The best time of year to surf Witch's Rock is between December and April.

Best tide to surf Witch's Rock:

The best tide to surf Witch's Rock is during high tide.

Best swell to surf Witch's Rock:

Offshore winds from the NE are prevalent here, so a SW swell usually generates the biggest waves.  

***Warning: they are often bigger than other breaks along the Pacific Coast (and most places in the world that surfers visit us from)!

Best company for visiting Witch's Rock:

If you plan to visit Witch's Rock, the best company to book with is Costa Rica Surf Trip.  Costa Rica Surf Trip boat trips to Witch's Rock are staffed by locals with decades of experience which mean you are always in safe hands.  A local captain who surfs, himself, means you know he always wants to get to the best possible waves just as much as you do!

No matter the tide or the direction of the swell, the experienced local boat captain will get you where the waves are firing best, and will change it up, including visits to nearby breaks when the tide drops out, if necessary!

What else can I do at Witch's Rock?


Camping is permitted in the national park, when it is open.  The camp site is approximately 30-40 minute walk from the main breaks through grueling heat, especially during the dry season.


You can add fishing to any Witch's Rock Costa Rica Surf Trip boat tour for an additional fee.

***Note: FISHING IS NOT PERMITTED in the national park.  Fishing for these trips is done outside of the protected area.


Witch's Rock Costa Rica is an incredible place to experience, even for non-surfers!  The wildlife, the waves, the sun (and LOTS of it) are worth the visit even if you aren't surfing your heart out!  Be sure to bring plenty of REEF SAFE sunscreen and/or cover up because it's a long day out on the water and it's easy to burn, even in the shade!


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