May 25, 2022


Custom Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Experience A Great Costa Rica Vacation Package

The best vacation package in Costa Rica  is one designed by people who live there and have intimate knowledge of the local geography, hotels, restaurants, and activities. 

ATV Quad Tour Santa Teresa

Local guides know what you need to bring, entry requirements, and most importantly have everything planned before you arrive.  Singles, couples or family vacation packages are available and bespoke for your individual needs.

The custom Costa Rica Vacation Package Experience

(told by a recent visitor using Costa Rica Surf Trip packages)

Paying for the package ahead of time

I just paid for my vacation package online!  Soon I'll fill out my reservation package documents so they have the info they need to make sure all my transportation is organized correctly and I don't have to worry about anything!  I'll receive my packing list, maps and full itinerary as soon as they get all of the details worked out for me!  I'm so excited!

Finally, the day has arrived!  I wake up, already packed everything I need with my handy-dandy packing list from CRST and I'm heading to paradise and the trip I've dreamed of in Costa Rica!  Can't wait!

Arrival in Costa Rica

I arrive at the airport, and all I have to do is check my bags and head to the plane for the flight CRST booked for me!  Everything goes smoothly, and when I arrive I follow the instructions I was sent with my itinerary to find my private transportation driver

(he's exactly where they said he would be)

The country is gorgeous...and I mean STUNNING!  I can't stop asking questions about everything (I hope the driver isn't annoyed, but he is so knowledgeable and friendly and willing to chat)!

The hotel stay

Oh my GOODNESS!  I just arrived and my accommodations are EVERYTHING I asked for!  I was nervous when I booked because I didn't know the name of the place to look it up myself but now I totally get it.  

They clearly know their stuff and have my best interest in mind.  

Diria Sunset Beachfront Room

They gave me options based on my budget and all of the amenities I asked for and I chose based on the photos and their feedback on the recommendations.  They totally hooked me up.  It couldn't be more perfect!

I'm going to do some activities this week that I've never done but I always wanted to try.  I'm a little nervous but I'm excited for the adventure and I know what to look out for throughout my whole trip because CRST sent me great information about staying safe during my visit so I feel well-prepared!

Costa Rica is the friendliest country in the world

Everyone is SO friendly.  It looks like almost every provider that Costa Rica Surf Trip works with is Costa Rican which makes me feel like I'm in the best hands with the locals and also helping the native community, which is an added bonus. 

The whole team also seems really eco-conscious and they really seem to care about one another AND me which makes me feel welcome, comfortable, and safe throughout my whole trip!  Everyone is patient, fun, friendly and entertaining. 

It's like they paired me perfectly for my personality as well as my interests and I couldn't be happier with the choices I made!  

The few times I've needed help they are available right away with the answers I need.  This is the least stressful vacation I've ever been on!

My favorite day at the beach on the Pacific coast with surfing lessons!

I seriously can't pick a favorite day because they are all amazing!

Today they took me to a beach I never would have gone to on my own.  It was just us.  I've never experienced something like this before but it totally blew my mind.  The natural beauty here is mind-blowing. 

Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

 Beyond that, I had a surf lesson with a local pro who was patient and friendly and helped me feel comfortable and confident in the waves!  If I come back I can do lessons and once I'm at an intermediate level catching my own waves consistently I can do surf coaching to get even more advanced with technique! 

 It was SO much fun - I really didn't expect such an amazing experience.  Now, I'm considering one of their surf camps for a future trip!

I can't get over it.  This is seriously the BEST TRIP EVER!

I'm in the transport to the airport and I seriously wish I could have them turn around because I don't want to leave!  This trip has been life-changing!  Everything was more perfect than I could ever imagine and I can't believe it took me so long to visit!  

I'm SO glad I used Costa Rica Surf Trip to book my experience here!  Everything was exactly as described, and it really was everything I wanted!  They gave me all of the helpful tips and insider information I could think up!  

Extreme La Fortuna Waterfall Arenal Adventure

They gave incredible recommendations on what to do and where to eat and made me feel like part of their community!  I'm so sad to leave but I'm already planning my return with Costa Rica Surf Trip to see and do more in this incredible paradise!

Hasta pronto and thanks for everything, Costa Rica Surf Trip!  You guys are the best!

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