July 27, 2022


Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Trying to decide where YOU should go to surf camp?  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go to Surf Camp in Costa Rica!

5. Costa Rica is Top 10 in the World for Surfing!

According to Lonely Planet, and to almost any surfer who has ever traveled here, Costa Rica is one of the top ten countries in the whole world for surfing!  If you're going to do something, you should do it 100%, right?  Start your surf career where it counts!  Surf camp in Costa Rica will prepare you to catch waves for a lifetime, and give you major surf-credit among your local rippers!  In addition to starting your surf career here, it is easy to continue to return and advance your skills over time!

4. Our Surf Culture is Pura Vida

Surfers are known for our laid back vibe and desire to have a good time.  We're also uniquely connected to nature because we depend on her for the waves and the weather to enjoy the sport we love!  Costa Rica's slogan is "Pura Vida" meaning "Pure Life!"  This aligns with the positive vibration of the surf community, felt along the coastal towns throughout the country and in the water.  Going to surf camp in Costa Rica will allow you to feel you are a part of the global surfing community!

3. Waves Year-Round

Most countries and many well-known surf destinations only operate well at certain times of the year.  This is because weather patterns and ocean currents affect the size, direction and frequency of waves.  In Costa Rica, we are lucky to have waves all year!  So if you're wondering if there are good surf waves in Costa Rica, the answer is always YES!  Beginners will have good waves for surfing in Costa Rica as long as they go to the right beaches.  Beginners, Intermediate and advanced surfers should all contact the experts at Costa Rica Surf Trip to plan customized trips or vacations to make sure they are in the right location for waves that meet their interests and skill levels!  This will ensure your safety and an amazing experience!

2. Surf Waves for Every Experience Level

Whether you are Kelly Slater or the new kid on the block, Costa Rica has a wave for you!  There are waves for every experience level in Costa Rica, so surf camp is an option for everyone, from beginners to experts!  Read our article on the best place to learn to surf in Costa Rica for beginners to help you decide where to go to surf camp in Costa Rica!  If you're looking for intermediate surf camp or advanced surf camp in Costa Rica, we can help with those, too!  

1. Tropical Temperatures

The number one reason you should go to surf camp in Costa Rica is, without a doubt, the temperature!  Costa Rica is close to the equator so it has a tropical climate.  This means the annual air temperature along the coasts averages 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celcius)!  Even better, unlike in some other warm land areas, the water in Costa Rica is warm year-round.  The average water temperature for surf camp in Costa Rica is a balmy 82 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 28 degrees Celcius).  Surfers everywhere know it is easier to surf in a swimsuit than in the thick, uncomfortable, restrictive wetsuit needed for cold water!  This makes surf camp in Costa Rica the obvious choice for learning to surf and improving your surf skills in our warm tropical waters!

Come to surf camp in Costa Rica!

In summary, it is clear that the best place for you to attend surf camp is in Costa Rica!  Firstly, you can save your energy by avoiding cold water and air temperatures that require uncomfortable wetsuits.  Secondly, there are waves for all surfers, from the novices to the professionals!  Thirdly, Costa Rica has waves all year so once you choose the right beach you can be sure the waves will be waiting for you!  Fourthly, you will immediately be inducted into the international surf community with our good vibes and coastal surf culture.  Finally, you will go home with plenty of bragging rights after attending surf camp in Costa Rica: one of the top ten nations in the world for surfing!


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