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Build Your Own Trip starts with a Costa Rica Surf Trip Consult!

What is a Build Your Own Trip consult?

A Build Your Own Trip consult is a 30 minute video call with a Costa Rica expert from our staff.  You can use this time to tap into our lifetime of experience to ask questions.  We will also use the time to get to know you and your needs.  Then we will help you build the perfect Costa Rica vacation!

How do I set up a consult?

Use our calendar to choose the day and time that work best for you.  Once you check out we will email you to find out the video service you prefer.

What will we do during my Costa Rica consult?

Discuss your dream vacation to Costa Rica with one of our knowledgeable experts!  Ask your questions and let us ask you ours!  This lets us get to know you and your needs.  You can also tell us about any fellow travelers or have them on the call, too!  With this information we will begin to build your perfect Costa Rica vacation!

What happens after my consult?

We help you build your ideal trip, step by step!

  1. If you don’t have tickets yet, we’ll start there because one day can make a huge difference in availability for your favorite accommodations.
  2. Once we have your dates and tickets nailed down, we’ll get the good stuff including your dreamy accommodations!  We give you multiple options to choose from, including pricing, so you’re always in control of your trip!  Don’t love the options?  You can refine your requests until we find the perfect match!
  3. We’ll move on to completing your perfect vacation with all of the great activities you’re looking forward to and your desired mode of transportation in order to send you a final package with your itinerary details, packing list, maps, and more!

Why use our consult?

  1. You want to Build a Custom Trip! with our expert input and guidance! OR
  2. You have general questions about visiting Costa Rica that you want to talk about with experts!

Why is there a consult fee?

We are a Costa Rica travel agency with years of travel and planning experience in, around, and outside of the country. We are surfers and international travelers, ourselves, so we understand the need to stick to a budget and to get the most out of every experience!

Our time and experience are truly priceless; we want to make sure that when we share them, they aren’t taken advantage of so that we can continue to give the best possible experience to our loyal customers!

For that reason, we charge a consultation fee for our 30 minute video call where you have access to our years of personal experience and expertise, plus the multiple hours of effort that go into designing the perfect trip based on your needs as we share our accumulated knowledge about all of Costa Rica!

Build Your Own Trip consults are refundable!

​When you choose to reserve your trip with us, we will refund you the cost of your consultation!  Our clients find that it’s the best way to get the information that they need and the security of knowing that their vacation is in good hands.  It also allows you to be hands-on with your trip but avoid losing your mind in the sea of options that the internet has to offer.

Please note: Vacation package must be paid for within 90 days of Consultation Payment to receive refund of Consultation Fee.

Why costa rica surf trip?

We are owned and operated by a Costa Rican family, we support local business, people, culture & the environment through our work of sharing our incredible natural resources with our guests for unforgettable vacations in paradise!

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less work, more relaxation!

responsible practice: local staff, living wages, eco-friendly


costa rican owned & operated

Time is money: hassle-free booking, financing available, personal attention

safety: 24-hr in-country support, certified guides, instructors & staff