October 4, 2019


Top Responsible EcoTour Company: Costa Rica Surf Trip

Top Ethical EcoTour Provider: Costa Rica Surf Trip

Terra Incognita names Costa Rica Surf Trip a Top Responsible EcoTour Provider in Costa Rica!

Why is Costa Rica Surf Trip a Top Responsible EcoTour Provider?

We’re more than just a tour & vacation company!  We care about wildlife and habitats, the local communities, and opportunities for education through exploration.  We’re excited because we made the list of Top Responsible Eco Tours of Costa Rica!

Who named Costa Rica Surf Trip a Top Responsible EcoTour Provider?

Terra Incognita is a social enterprise.  They promote the best examples of ethical ecotourism worldwide!   First, they did their research and then they created the list.  Finally, they named us among 40 incredible ecotours and providers in Costa Rica.  Terra Incognita recognizes us for our work to conserve the environment, support the well-being of local people and educate visitors!

What do they say about EcoTourism in Costa Rica?

Krist Foster of Terra Incognita says "Costa Rica is often the first place that comes to mind when we hear the word 'ecotourism', yet it can still be challenging for visitors to choose a responsible tour."

The list includes an explanation of how all tours contribute.  It explains the efforts to conserve our natural environment, provide for our local communities, and educate travelers!  In the end, guests that have participated in the tours can also leave reviews.

What qualifies a company as a top responsible ecotour provider?

Tour operators on the list are doing everything we can to provide eco-friendly tours!  We clean up beaches and donate to community projects.   We offset carbon emissions and encourage guests to do the same!  Some providers contribute to conservation research, for instance.  Other providers are empowering local conservation through environmental education.

“With every new tour we discover, we’re amazed to see what operators are doing to have a positive impact on the planet through tourism,” said Dr Nick Askew of Terra Incognita. “Eventually we hope to showcase ethical tour experiences in every country worldwide.”

"Even though ecotourism is fairly well established in Costa Rica, there's still so much to discover”, said Kristi. “There are many small, local and family-run ecotourism companies offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences while supporting the country's natural and cultural heritage".

View the Responsible Costa Rica Eco Tours list at www.terra-incognita.travel.  Join the movement to create positive change for people and our planet on our trips!

We, at Costa Rica Surf Trip, are humbled to be awarded among the top eco tour providers in Costa Rica!  We appreciate the recognition and we continue to evolve because we want to protect and promote sustainability on a local, national, and global scale!  Check out the details of why our custom trips qualify us.   Terra Incognita has all of the details about responsible ecotour providers on the awards page.  Then, contact Costa Rica Surf Trip to support sustainable tourism on your vacation to Costa Rica!


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