March 4, 2015


Visit Playa Samara Through Reggae Artist’s Music Video

Have you ever wanted to visit Playa Samara?  Or wanted to know what Playa Samara, Costa Rica is like?  Now, you can get a glimpse of our town and culture before you arrive!

Like many visitors, US Reggae Artist, Jah Sun, from California, keeps coming back to our home base in Playa Samara, Costa Rica!  One can only assume it's because he loves it as much as we do!  In 2014, he finally got his team together to film the music video for his uplifting song "Never Give Up," with lyrics about hope and positivity.

Jah Sun's music video will show you many of the popular spots in town and some of the breathtaking views and adventures that you can partake in during your vacation if you choose to visit our home base during your trip!

If you've already been down to see us at Costa Rica Surf Trip, you may even recognize the faces of your local friends!

Ready for a trip to paradise in Playa Samara that Jah Sun loves to visit?  Costa Rica Surf Trip has what you're looking for in Playa Samara and beyond!


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